Ecuador Poster Bienal Exhibition 6 by Andrew Mayberry

The Ecuador Poster Bienal has arrived in Warsaw, Poland! The event occurred at the Olympic Centre in Warsaw and featured over 160 posters designed from artists around the world. 

Post-Ecuador Poster Bienal Exhibition in Warsaw POLAND
10 May–31 May 2017

Gallery (-1) Polish Olympic Committee
UL. Gdynia Coast 4, Warsaw, Poland

Curators of the exhibition in Warsaw: dr Anna Kłos and dr Dariusz Mlącki

Organizers of the exhibition in Warsaw:
Gallery (-1) Polish Olympic Committee
Kultur Centre
Wit-University of applied information technology and management
Correction Gallery

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Ecuador Poster Bienal Exhibition 5 by Andrew Mayberry

I am very excited for the 5th exhibition of the Ecuador Poster Bienal coming soon to Poland! This event takes place in the city of Lublin at the beautiful Centrum Spotkania Kultur.

Ecuador Poster Bienal 2017
March 16 - April 16.

Wenzhou International Design Biennial by Andrew Mayberry

I am excited to currently have my work exhibiting in China for the Wenzhou International Design Biennial. This event is a big one and displays the work of design professionals from around the world. The exhibition is being held at the Wenzhou Hao Art Museum. 


Ecuador Poster Bienal by Andrew Mayberry

Out of 9629 poster submissions, I made the cut! I am grateful to have my work selected for a big poster exhibition in Quito, Ecuador in Sept, 2016! This event will display the work of designers from around the globe. This will be my first show in South America and I want to extend my thanks to the jury for considering my art! Further details will come soon!

This official poster for the Ecuador Poster Bienal was designed by Mario Fuentes.



Chernobyl 30, Fukushima 5 by Andrew Mayberry

Chernobyl 30, Fukushima 5
"For the Future after Chernobyl and Fukushima"

"Fukushhh" reaches the Ukraine! I am very excited to share with you an exhibition that is currently taking place in Kharkiv, Ukraine. My poster was chosen to join the work of a number of international artists for an exhibition that marks 30 years after Chernobyl, and 5 years after the Fukushima nuclear tragedy. The event is organized by the Moscow International Biennale "Golden Bee 12" in partnership with "4th Block". The exhibition in Kharkiv is the first of a series of events that that will eventually reach Norway, France, Germany and Poland. The artworks can be seen from April 19 - May 8, 2016 at the Yermilov Centre.